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Building a Green Roof

Building a Green RoofLindum green roofs mats are designed to be easy to install above a waterproof membrane on a roof.  They can be self-installed or installed by a roofing contractor.

Lindum green roof mats need to be grown on the growing medium that has been designed specifically for the type of green roof mat. Lindum can supply the correct growing medium for your green roof mat and also a drainage layer if required. Please contact us for details.

Preparation – before your green roof package arrives

  • Ensure that the roof is properly waterproofed (preferably using a waterproof membrane) you have installed a drainage layer (if required) and the correct depth of growing medium.
  • A minimum depth of 30mm is required for the Sedum Plus Mat, 100mm is recommended for the Lindum Wildflower Mats and the Low Maintenance Grass Mat.  Deeper growing medium is recommended where possible to provide optimum conditions for establishment.

When your green roof mat arrives

  • The green roof vegetation mats will deteriorate rapidly when stored in a roll, particularly if the weather is warm. Ideally it should be laid within 24 hours of receipt in the summer and 48 hours in the winter.
  • If there is any delay in laying it is recommended that the Wildflower Turf is unloaded from the pallets, unrolled and watered immediately.

Laying your green roof mat

  • Ideally the green roof mats should be carried out when the weather and soil conditions are suitable.  Laying is not recommended in exceptionally dry, wet or frosty weather.
  • Simply roll out the green roof mats onto the damp growing medium.  Water thoroughly after laying and do not allow the mats to dry out during establishment.

Caring for your green roof

  • The first two to three weeks are critical in the establishment of a green roof. Newly laid green roof mats MUST be kept well watered especially during dry periods whilst the roots grow into the growing medium below and become firmly established.  
  • Do not allow the mats to dry out at any point during the first 4-6 weeks. This can be checked by lifting up a corner of the vegetation mat.
  • Once established, Lindum Wildflower Meadow Mat needs very little maintenance.  After the plants have shed their seed in the autumn, they just need cutting back and cuttings removed.  

Maintaining your green roof

  • Once established, the green roof mats require very little maintenance. They are designed to be drought tolerant, however watering during the first spring/summer season is advisable  particularly during dry periods. After that there should be no need for irrigation except in extreme prolonged drought.
  • Do not fertilise before or after laying vegetation mats. Lindum’s vegetation mats perform best in low fertility situations. Fertilising more will only encourage other grasses and weeds to grow.
  • The Lindum Wildflower Green Roof Mats require one light cut in late autumn. SedumPlus Green roof Mats will require occasional hand weeding to remove wind-blown seeds and any weeds. Low Maintenance Grass Green Roof Mats if left unmown will need one cut in the autumn and the clippings removed.
  • All green roofs must be checked annually to ensure all drainage outlets are clear. This will help to avoid over-saturation of the green roof.  Maintenance visits should be carried out at least once a year, and ideally twice a year, for the first two years.