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Creating a wildflower area

Creating a wildflower meadow It is easy to create your wildflower area with Lindum Wildflower turf. Lindum Wildflower turf can be used to brighten up a corner of your garden or a larger area of ground.

It is important to choose an area where the ground is not highly fertile as the wildflowers flourish better in lower fertility conditions.

Lindum Wildflower turf is supplied established and ready to roll out in a strong moisture retentive felt. The felt medium that the plants are growing in acts as a grass/weed barrier which helps the wildflowers to establish quickly in the soil below.

Preparation – before your wildflower turf arrives

  • Remove all existing vegetation and prepare the soil so that it is free from weeds.
  • Remove highly fertile topsoil.
  • Rake the soil so that is reasonably level and has good tilth.

When your wildflower turf arrives

  • Wildflower turf will deteriorate rapidly when stored in a roll, particularly if the weather is warm. It should be laid within 24 hours of receipt.
  • If there is any delay in laying it is recommended that the Wildflower Turf is unloaded from the pallets, unrolled and watered immediately.

Laying your wildflower turf

  • Ideally turfing should be carried out when the weather and soil conditions are suitable. Turfing is not recommended in exceptionally dry or frosty weather or when the ground is waterlogged.
  • Simply roll out Lindum Wildflower turf. Do not overlap the joined up edges, however make sure that the mats are butted up so weeds do not grow up from underneath the mats.
  • Water thoroughly after laying and do not allow the mat to dry out during establishment.

Caring for your wildflower meadow

  • The first two to three weeks are critical in the establishment of a wildflower meadow. Newly laid wildflower turf MUST be kept well watered especially during dry periods whilst it grows roots into the soil below and becomes firmly established. Do not allow it to dry out.
  • Once established, Lindum Wildflower turf needs very little maintenance. After the plants have shed their seed in the autumn, plants just need cutting back and cuttings removed.
  • There is no need to fertilise your wildflower meadow as wildflower mixtures grow best in low fertility conditions.