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High quality turf and wildflowers direct from the grower

High quality turf and wildflowers direct from the growerLindum is a leading grower of high quality turf, wildflowers and sedums for gardens, landscaping and green roofs. Over the last 25 years it has developed a reputation for innovation, excellent products and outstanding customer service.

All products are sustainably produced at our nurseries in the Vale of York and are grown with the greatest possible environmental care. Lindum's green innovation is helping to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity and improve sustainability by greening urban spaces.

Key reasons to choose turf grown by Lindum

  • Our turf is high quality, grown to exceed industry standards
  • Grown on stone-free, sandy loam soils our turf is compatible with all soil types
  • Strong, easy-to-lay and it will not fall apart when laid
  • We guarantee that turf will be a green colour, healthy, and not visibly affected by broad leaved weeds, disease or pests
  • You can choose the right turf to suit your lawn and garden requirements
  • Species mixtures in each turf type are developed specifically with their use in mind for maximum wear and to provide lasting pleasure.