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Laying and looking after your lawn

Laying and looking after your lawnA beautiful, well-tended lawn transforms the whole look of a house and garden.

Preparation - before your turf arrives

  • Remove all existing vegetation and stones, making sure the soil is free from weeds and is smooth and level.
  • Prepare a light tilth by finely raking the soil.

When your turf arrives

  • Turf is liable to deteriorate rapidly when stored in a roll, particularly if the weather is warm. It should be laid immediately it arrives in spring/summer and within 24 hours of receipt in autumn/winter.

Laying your turf

  • Ideally turfing should be carried out when the weather and soil conditions are suitable. Turfing is not recommended in exceptionally dry or frosty weather or when the ground is waterlogged.


  • The first two to three weeks are critical in the establishment of a lawn from turf. Newly laid turf MUST be kept well watered especially during dry periods whilst it grows roots into the soil below and becomes firmly established. Do not allow it to dry out.
  • After seven to ten days of laying turf in spring and summer, the grass should be well enough established to commence mowing. A good way to check is to turn back a corner of the turf. If it is well anchored by roots it is alright to start mowing. Mowing is beneficial for establishment and so as long as this is the only traffic for the first few weeks it will help it to root into the soil below.
  • For the first cut, make sure that the mower is set at a height to just top the grass. A good rule of thumb is to never remove more than 25% of the total plant. This prevents stress to the plant and if not using a grass box, will reduce the quantity of unsightly clippings.
  • You do not need to collect the clipping provided they are minimal and will not block light and air reaching the grass.

Looking after your lawn

  • A healthy lawn requires a right balance of air, food, water and light and its appearance will be determined by the way it is maintained.
  • For the best results mow at least twice weekly during late spring, once a week during summer and early autumn and approximately every seven to ten days, mid to late autumn. Obviously this must be flexible to suit the varied weather conditions.
  • It is vital your lawn receives sufficient nutrients using a balanced lawn fertiliser to provide the optimum balance of nutrients to promote a healthy, green and hard wearing lawn. Lawn fertiliser products including those which contain a Weed and Moss killer can be applied in spring and autumn when grass and weeds are growing actively.