Now is the perfect time to lay a new lawn. This lawn pictured was laid 5 weeks ago with Lindum Turf, has already been mown three times and is looking a picture.

If you have an existing lawn, as this one was, which is looking tired and has been invaded by other broad leaved grasses which look a different colour and are unsightly, here are some tips to transform your lawn into a green space you are proud of:

1)    Spray off the existing grass with glyphosate(Roundup) and allow two weeks for the product to move into the roots and kill those unsightly invaders

2)    Strip off the old turf with a turf cutter – available from hire shops – and remove or stack in a heap upside down to compost over the next two years

3)    If the existing lawn often stands water or is very mossy, there is probably compaction under the surface preventing roots and water moving down. You will need to relieve this either by deep hand forking across the area, or bringing in a deep spiking machine.

4)    Create a tilth across the surface by lightly working and raking, removing stones as you go.

5)    Apply a light dressing of a seedbed fertiliser and rake again.

6)    Lay the turf following the instructions on Laying and Looking After Your Lawn 

Enjoy your new lawn!