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Lindum Wildflower turf comes as a ready to roll out pre-grown meadow in a moisture retentive felt carpet. Available in two mixtures, both are suitable for creating beautiful, long lasting wildflower meadows.

Benefits of Lindum Wildflower turf:

  • Creates a beautiful wildflower meadow instantly
  • Pre-grown in a felt base, to suppress weeds and at the optimum density for easy establishment
  • Sown with more than 20 species of wildflowers, herbs and perennials
  • Promotes biodiversity and attracts pollinators such as bumblebees, butterflies, insects and birds
  • Establishes quickly and is low maintenance, usually needing only one cut per year
  • Is strong and easy to lay
  • Offers a prolonged flowering period throughout the year
  • Sustainably grown in Yorkshire for fresh delivery anywhere in the UK

Wildflower turf is supplied in rolls 0.6m wide x 2.0m long.

See for more information on growing your own wildflower meadow.

SedumPlus Green Roof Mat is also available for growing in dry condtions or drought tolerant gardens.

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  1. Wildflower Turf

    Wildflower turf

    £15.00 + VAT per square metre plus delivery

    A mixture of wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials designed to create a natural wildflower area.

    Temporarily out of stock - please contact us for availability

  2. SedumPlus showing a range of colours and varieties

    SedumPlus Mat

    £20.00 + VAT per square metre plus delivery

    Sixteen stunning varieties of Sedum to produce a colourful, low growing and drought tolerant display.

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